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PASB MedTech Solutions is fortunate to have an international network of trusted partners who enhance our core offerings with subject matter and location-specific expertise.

We are also proud to be affiliated with innovation incubators and industry associations in the areas of medical device technology, regulatory affairs, and professional engineering.


Dell Tech Laboratories Ltd.

  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Providing expert testing and consulting services since 1980, Dell Tech is an industry leader in assisting companies with North American regulatory compliance for consumer products, specialty chemicals, cosmetics, and natural health products, among others.

Obelis Group

  • Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium
  • Obelis is leading provider of compliance, regulatory, and representation services in the EU, with a strong focus on medical device and cosmetics products. PASB is proud to be a member of the Obelis International Office (OIO) network.

MD Compliance Ltd.

  • Location: Glasgow, Scotland
  • MD Compliance specializes in QMS and regulatory compliance services and works with medical device manufacturers in the UK, EU, and North America.

RQ Solutions

  • Location: Australia
  • RQ Solutions specialize in regulatory, quality management, health economics and representation services for the medical device industry in the Australian market.

MedTech Innovation Incubators

  • Bounce Health Innovation (
  • Emergence | PEI Bioalliance

Industry Associations

  • PEGNL (
  • RAPS (