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What we do

PASB MedTech Solutions provides strategic market access support to organizations that commercialize medical device technology. We help clients from early-stage companies to large established firms achieve and maintain market access in this highly regulated industry by supporting regulatory, quality, product development, and business goals.

Our Mission

As a dedicated client partner and advocate, our mission is to build lasting relationships by continually providing robust, comprehensive, and value-added solutions that improve human health, quality of life, and contribute to a better future for all.

Our Values

  • Quality and pride in our work, while delivering maximum value to our clients.
  • Relationships built on transparency and trust.
  • Conscientious, professional, and dedicated support for our clients.
  • Openness to new ideas and embracement of lifelong learning.


Meet the Team

PASB MedTech Solutions was founded in 2017 by partners Paul and Sarah Bassler. They have a shared passion for improving access to health technology that enhances patient care, protects healthcare workers, and allows better allocation of stretched
healthcare resources.


PASB MedTech Solutions holds relevant qualifications in Medical Device Regulatory Affairs, Medical Device Quality Management Systems, Medical Device Single Audit Program and Technical Competence and Professionalism.

Our Work