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Testimonials from satisfied customers

Hospital technologist using digital system

Brett Vokey, Founder and CEO, BreatheSuite

PASB was a fantastic group to work with. Helping with implementing our Quality Management Procedures and Policies, Paul & his team were incredibly diligent in their work with a high attention to detail. I would highly recommend PASB for all things regulatory, QA/QC and engineering/product development support.

Hospital technologist using digital system

Moshe Kapelnikov, Managing Director, FroggaBio

As a medical device distributor, we really enjoy working with Sarah at PASB MedTech Solutions. PASB works hard to provide prompt, efficient service and have helped us tackle many difficult regulatory issues with an open and creative mind. Since FroggaBio began working with PASB we have successfully added a private label medical device to our

Hospital technologist using digital system

Hasnaa Fatehi, Senior Mgr (Regulatory Affairs), I-MED Pharma

Thanks Sarah and Paul for your tremendous help and diligence especially with the risk and V&V elements. I am 100% sure we would not have been able to close the submission w/o your support.

Hospital technologist using digital system

Jacqui Jenskey, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Dell Tech Laboratories

Sarah Bassler at PASB helps with all Medical Device classifications for both US and Canada and is committed to finding the best pathforward for our clients. I have worked with Sarah for the past 3 years and have experienced a truly gifted and knowledgeable Medical Device expert who respondsquickly to questions and is always happy

Hospital technologist using digital system

Allie Lynch, Founder, RAR Innovations

RAR Innovations is a medical technology startup based in St. John’s, Newfoundland. We were introduced to PASB MedTech Solutions Inc. through Bounce Health Innovation. We highly recommend PASB to entrepreneurs and innovators in the medical device industry. Their detailed regulatory assessment gave us a clear understanding of the regulatory requirements for our medical device in

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